Okay, so I’m Jip. Born in ’91. You can see from the clogs that I’m Dutch.

My mom thought I didn’t have any creativity in me. Until I bought a photocamera (which was in ’03). Suddenly I started being creative. Since that time I’m highly interested in creating visually attractive things. This ranges from shooting short video’s to explosive animations and from webdesign to VJ’ing. And everything in between.

Basically it comes down on some things which I am able to do:
-Filming; on my own, in a team, the whole day, with a director shouting in my ear or directing myself
-Editing; offline, online, high def, sd, from tape to dvd and with a smooth workflow
-Animating; creating anything which moves, in 2d, with bits of 3d
-VJ’ing; mixing live video with pre-made animations, musical and interactive visuals, basically for any event with a beamer
-Websites / Graphics; html, css, bit of php and any kind of lay-out

Video portfolio:
-De Club van Delft, cooperating in making multiple video reports
-Kaandorp zet de bloemetjes buiten, Theatre de Veste, Delft (live multiple camera registration)
-Hot Water, South African band playing at Waterpop, Watringen (single camera registration) See the result.
-Westhage Songfestival ’07, ’08, ’09, ‘t Paard van Troje, The Hague (live multiple camera registration)
-Kerstvolkszang ’06,’07,’08, Maria van Jesse kerk, Delft ¬†(live multiple camera registration)
-Ahunga, children’s theatre, Amsterdam¬†(live multiple camera registration) Excerpt.
-VAKit, cultural jam (VJ’ing) (multiple times)
-Tempus Musicals in Delft ’07, ’08, Theatre de Veste, Delft (live multiple camera registration) Excerpt.
-O2 Playground, Delft (single camera all-day registration and live visuals) See the result.
-24-7 Chairs instruction dvd.
-Novembers doom, Biebob, Vosselaar in Belgium (live multiple camera registration) Excerpt.
-Agalloch, Biebob, Vosselaar in Belgium (live multiple camera registration)
-I-Poptahof, Delft (camera registration of the 4-day event)