Interview with The Guide Istanbul

The Guide Istanbul is a website and magazine to guide you through the city, covering hotspots, local know-how and practical information about Istanbul.
One of their reporters got to see my “Istanbul Scavenger Hunt” video. He found it an interesting topic and wanted to know more about the idea and motivation behind it. Therefore they arranged an interview with me, which The Guide now features on their website.

“Urban Scavenging: An interview with Jip Eilbracht”

Istanbul Scavenger Hunt

In fall 2012 I went to study abroad in Istanbul for half a year. For one very interesting course, Design for Social Innovation, we got the chance to do a project for ourselves.

Because of my experience with filming, I decided that’s what I wanted to do. But what could I do to improve the social culture in Istanbul, even though I was there for such a short time? I set on a mission to inspire people living in Istanbul, as video is a good medium for that. The result is my hunt for free parts to make my own furniture:

Video for play "De Pornograaf"

For the theatre play “De Pornograaf”, directed by Helene Oostdijk, video was incorporated throughout the whole play.

This is the final piece, showing how the main character took an overdose. The characters stopped playing at around 2:00, so that’s when all the focus lay upon the video.

Lowlands contest video

Because I desperately want to go to Lowlands this year and CJP wrote out a video contest where you could win tickets, I made a video.
The assignment was to show what Lowlands means for you, in 1 minute. I came up with this: