Mooi Weer Spelen
The “Mooi Weer Spelen” is a street theatre festival held once every year in Delft. I was asked to film these three days of theatre and performance madness, with the purpose to make a movie which shows the diversity of the acts, the good atmosphere of the public and the dynamic character of the festival. Edited by Joost Kelderman, at Invite-AV.
Stilte (Silence), a short film directed by Wolfram Friele. On a rainy sunday we went to a little theatre here in Delft, and shot this video. Script by Jelmer van Lenteren, and filmed by me.
4Delft is an art exposition about the city Delft. On 4 locations throughout Delft, there was art which was inspired on the city.
Pasta & Vendetta Trailer
To celebrate the new theatre season (have you ever heard of that?), Theatre Network Delft is having a special theatre dinner. For this evening they wanted to have a trailer, so that a lot of people will come. As the theme “Pasta & Vendetta” has got a lot to do with the mafia, we wanted to make a hollywood style trailer. Directed, filmed, post produced and animated the video.
Gotta Launch
Boyan Slat is mad about water rockets. So he decided to get a world record in launching water rockets simultaneously. He managed (with the help of 250 people) to launch 213 water rockets at the same time. He asked me to film the whole day, therefore the glorious result can be seen here.
Get On Stage!
The drummer isn’t showing off an eager attitude, and the rest of the band’s got enough of it. Now he has to choose whether he wants to go or stay.
A short film made for school.
De Club van Delft
‘De Club van Delft’ is a local platform which lets people who need help and people who have something to offer connect. I am one of the editorials, and together we make reports about these connections between people. It involves camera work, editing and interviewing people. I also help in animating (bumpers, lowerd thirds, etc.).
Hot Water
Hot Water is a South African band. Waterpop, a festival in Wateringen took the effort to bring them to the Netherlands for a performance. I was asked to film this special event. Filmed together with Wolfram.
O2 Playground
O2 is a network of sustainable designers. To celebrate their 10 years anniversary, they organized a lustrum playground. A day on which workshops were given and the members could connect with each other. They wanted a video made of the whole day. I also provided live visuals during the day.
The Perspectivity Game
The Perspectivity Game creates a lesson from experience in the social dynamics of sustainability issues.”
A great concept, of which people can learn. A board game played with a group. It is hopefully beneficial for the players, in a way that it will change their behaviour.During a sunny weekend, O2 Nederland played the game. I was asked to film it, with the purpose of creating a promotional video of the game.
La Rue
An experimental short.


For the Skatejam Delft I created this animation, which would be used on a LED screen, together with live video.

Club van Delft – Bumpers


To create an explicit identity for the reportages of Club van Delft, we decided to make some bumpers which would kick off every new episode. Every video contains an interaction between people and the Club van Delft logo. In this way we show the human interest of the reportages. I got the raw footage and did the post production, from colour correction to animation. Also included is an animated credit roll.

Party HD


An intro animation made for the website, which streams hd footage from parties.

Lobo Likes
Some experimenting with 3d animation. Wolfram made the 3d, I made the edit & sound.
Showreel ’07
Showreel from 2007. Includes some animation work and stock footage made by me.
design4uDesign4u designs control rooms and is specialized in ergonomics. They needed a new professional website to present their projects and clients. I tweaked the content managing system WordPress to fit their needs. Next to this, the website is optimized for Google, and it will get a high rank in certain search queries.
Xenia Photography
Xenia Photography
Website for a young talented photographer, Xenia. Made the design and build on a customized WordPress system, so she can edit the content and add photos herself.
wygiwysWhat You Get Is What You See. A creative minded duo which makes moving images of any kind. Basically it’s a website which covers both me and Wolfram, in a serious way. Design made by the two of us.
DJ Sampagne
Website for DJ Sampagne. Famous for the diversity of music he mixes.
Maria Koopman
Maria KoopmanFor the interior designer Maria Koopman. Kept it simple and effective.
Snelbinder Flyer
I made this flyer for this charity party; Snelbinder.
Xenia and Naomi organize the third party, and all the money will go to KiKa (Children cancer free)
Heads up for Studioinbeeld for making the pictures.
No. 750
A big exposition project, in which I was able to lend an apartment and do cool stuff with it. This cool stuff includes painting a whole room full with diagonal lines and painting the balcony green. I made a website including a virtual tour, for the ones who missed the event.